Insert the Magnetic Pulser
in Carrying Tube for
different applications

Very important therapy for several old age symptoms like:memory and concentration problems and vision issues.

Backpain Treatment  
BIO MEDICI relaxes back muscles and increases blood circulation.

Abdominal pain treatment.

Magnetic Pulser applied for migraine, headache and menopause problems.

Wrap the Magnetic Pulser
around your knee.
See the Switch Settings for joint disorders.

How to find an effective and affordable Magnetic Pulser

What distinguishes the BIO MEDICI from other magnetic pulser?
Finding the right magnetic pulser for a therapeutic treatment is difficult and time-consuming, especially if you are not a specialist who knows about the therapy. The assumption that an expensive magnetic pulser with all "bells and whistles" must be better is only a myth and certainly does not guarantee an effective treatment device.

What are the criteria to select a magnetic pulser to achieve the expected therapy success?

A magnetic pulser has to be an effective therapeutic tool, should be easy to use, to have with you everywhere you go and can be used without delay. It is often necessary to treat a symptom immediately so it does not develop into a more serious problem. Especially in this way, the Bio Medici magnetic pulser is often superior to the expensive professional devices.

Imagine you sprain your knee on a hiking trip, the knee started to swell up fast and you are in pain. Fortunately you have the magnetic pulser with you, in your backpack. Before your knee gets even worse, you wrap the magnetic pulser in his carrying tube with the case specific (See Switch Settings) around your knee and continue the journey.
The small sized, light weight magnetic pulser can be carried in the handbag, the glove compartment, as well as around the neck by means of a carrying pouch.
We recommend that you compare the following features of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser with other therapy devices, as well as the selling price, which can play a significant part to decide.

1. Can you use the magnetic pulser to set several treatment options for various symptoms, including the Schumann wave?

Yes it is possible! The Bio Medici magnetic pulser has 7 switches; each switch has a specific magnetic impulse. By combining selective switch settings to achieve the desired magnetic impulses.On the contrary, high magnetic impulse switch settings are recommended to treat joint related symptoms.
2. How many years is the magnetic pulser on the market, is it safe?
The Bio Medici magnetic pulser is sold since 1984 worldwide and was used before that time in a German Hospital in the 1970’s. The Bio Medici is safe, the power source, a 9-Volt battery, does not emit any radiation!
Important: Magnetic Pulsers using an adaptor to transform the 120V/240V to a low voltage can create an undesired unhealthy magnetic field (electro pollution). Basically all electric devices including extension cords are sending out uncontrolled magnetic fields and should have a safety distance to the human body to prevent additional health problems. For instance using an adapter the distance should have a minimum of 3 feet (1 meter) to be on the safe side.
3. How to use the Bio Medici magnetic pulser for back pain?
The magnetic pulser can be attached to the spinal area by means of the carrying tube.
Imagine you do not have a carrying tube as with the Bio Medici and would have to hold an applicator in place for an extended period of time.

4. What is the life expectancy of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser compared to other devices?
The durability of the magnetic pulser Bio Medici is in short words: very long! Many Bio Medici owners from the 80's are still using this device today or have inherited it already from the previous generation.
People have dropped the device and stepped on it, it seems that this compact magnetic pulser is the most durable magnetic pulser on the market! The electronics and housing was also designed to keep military usage in mind.

5. Do other magnetic pulser companies supply accessories to keep the device close to the body part for the duration of the treatment?
No, this is a unique feature of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. Nearly all magnetic pulser on the market are much larger and use an applicator for the treatment, connected to the base which is the most inconvenient way of treatment.
The Bio Medici magnetic pulser is a 2 in 1 unit, combining the base and the applicator!
The carrying tube or the carrying pouch keeps the magnetic pulser unit close to the body part for the duration of the treatment.
The magnetic pulser in its carrying pouch is used for a general body treatment, worn like a long necklace around the neck; it boosts the immune system over the solar plexus.
All other applications shown in the Switch Settings can be carried out with the use of the carrying tube.

Magnetic Pulser .
relaxing tens shoulder muscels.