Very important therapy for several old age symptoms like:memory and concentration problems and vision issues.

Backpain Treatment  
BIO MEDICI relaxes back muscles and increases blood circulation.

Abdominal pain treatment.

Magnetic Pulser applied for migraine, headache and menopause problems.

Wrap the Magnetic Pulser
around your knee.
See the Adustment Table for joint disorders.

Magnetic Pulser BIO MEDICI - About Skeptics and Quackery Preachers

Magnetic Pulser .
relaxing tens shoulder muscels.

The history of the magnetic pulser Bio Medici is remarkable and began in 1984 when most North Americans did not know the term "Magnetic Pulser" with its fabulous therapy. The introduction of this innovative magnetic pulser took many years until users experienced the enormous treatment benefits.
However, years before the German physicist Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig explored the influence of magnetic pulses on the human body. He designed and build a battery operated pocket sized pulsed magnetic therapy device which could be used during daily activities and for night-time sleeping. His magnetic pulser design had the important Schumann wave of 7.83 Hz, integrated.The magnetic pulser had a smart antenna build in, emitting specific magnetic pulses with its important harmonics.The magnetic field strength of his magnetic pulser was just right and in accordance with the human body's delicate electromagnetic make-up. With Dr.Ludwig's help the Bio Medici magnetic pulser is manufactured up to this day with his specifications.
Five German newspapers in North America reported persistently about the benefits of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser with its German technology, when their readers submitted testimonials to these newspapers about the success in treatment.

Although it took many years and even more testimonials to let the skeptic become magnetic pulser users, as well as the ignorant quackery preachers to silence.

One day a skeptical newspaper reporter announced that he will test the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser for himself. He threatened if his endeavour fails, he would write a negative report in his newspaper. Despite his negative attitude he could not believe the successful treatment he experienced.

Such reactions of the skeptics are only human and quite understandable. Unfortunately, these people often delayed the progress or even tried to prevent it.

In the USA the government authorities in charge for the health safety of people, approved the positive therapy effects of PEMF Therapy in the last years for a number of health issues.
In 1979 the healing of nonunion fractures with one of the first magnetic pulser was approved. It should be mentioned that they do not approve or certify magnetic pulser devices specifically, but the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) -Therapy in general.

In 1998 they approved the PEMF therapy for muscle stimulation as well as urinary incontinence. At that time the Bio Medici magnetic pulser was already available in Canada and USA.
More approval followed:
2004 the approval for cervical fusion patients at high-risk.
2006 for treatment of depression and anxiety.
2011 PEMF therapy for treatment of brain cancer.

These are milestones for the future uses of magnetic pulsers.
Thousands of scientific and medical reports state that Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy does not interfere with other treatments (e.g. medications) and are now classified as wellness devices. Magnetic Pulsers have already achieved a promising future treatment in associated therapeutic benefits.