Magnetic Pulser applied for migraine, headache and menopause problems.

Wrap the Magnetic Pulser
around your knee.
See the Adustment Table for joint disorders.

The Latest BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser Testimonials

Your Bio Medici magnetic pulser served me extremely well !

Through the years I have undergone a total hip replacement (10 years ago) and my doctor has been advising me to undergo cervical spinal fusion at the lumbar region for some years now, but I had been putting it off. The pain and discomfort has been there for years on a daily basis (some days are pain free and some days are terrible) and my doctor was amazed at my "high threshold of pain"- (his words) since I was not taking any pain medication.

After some time, I decided to tell him about my Bio Medici unit and that I was using your unit for pain, there was no response or comment from him. I wanted his input into this matter as I was getting relief from this unit. Perhaps his training does not allow him to contemplate any possibility of other treatments for my pain other than chemical based ones...
Overall, I can say the Bio Medici really does what you (and your other users) say it can do and it has served me extremely well over the years. I do have regular days off (as much as I can) from the unit as I do not want to rely too much on it and further to save it from wear and tear and prolong its working life. I can still drive long distances without any pain or discomfort in my back/spine and neck. Having one around you when you have chronic and long term pain issues like mine is a big comfort....pain relief is always just a few flicks away on the switches .
Kind regards, Justin

How I avoided the torture test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Testimonial: I had been working in front of the computer for my government job for a few years when I was plagued by a severe pain in my wrist getting worse and worse.

I began wearing wrist splints and applying ice. I had an ergonomic assessment done and it turned out that the sharp edge of my desk was cutting off my circulation. I came to the point, that I could not even lift my coffee cup in the morning without using both hands and the pain was sometimes unbearable.
When I went to see my doctor he told me I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and that I will need to have an Electromyogram. This test measures the tiny electrical discharges produced in muscles. During this test your doctor inserts a thin-needle electrode into specific muscles to evaluate the electrical activity when muscles contract and rest. This test can identify muscle damage and also may rule out other conditions.

In shock of such a torches test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I refused and said I will try my own cure.
My Bio Medici magnetic pulser is at home and whenever I have an emergency I take it out of my bed-side night table. For 4 weeks I wrapped the magnetic pulser Bio Medici around my wrist on setting 2.

I was so scared that I might have to do the Electromyogram that I kept up with the treatments EVERY night. Every time I am in pleasant disbelief of the power of my best health buddy, t he Bio Medici!

It took only four weeks; my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was completely gone! A view weeks later, my doctor asked me how my wrists are doing and I proudly explained it is all gone. I cured it with the magnetic pulser, and he still up to this day can’t believe it.
Barbara M.

The latest magnetic pulser story from Costa Rica

In my acquaintance is a really old Campesino, only skin and bones, 87 years old, living with his daughter. He complained for weeks about any lack of strength, he was also very depressed because of his son who died and we all had the impression, he will die from this tremendous loss.
I gave my old magnetic pulser to his daughter and explained to her how to use it.
After a four weeks Ricardo was changed. He carved oxcart miniatures again, painted them colorful and had regained his optimism again. He did not talk about his age-related woes and the loss of his son. He explained that he used the General Body Treatment for 4 weeks, and at night he slept very good using the magnetic pulser under the pillow on switch setting #1.
From Atenas, Theodor

The "Submarine" magnetic pulser Story

Last week I forgot to take my Bio Medici off my back and was half an hour in the pool. When I noticed the mistake, I immediately opened the back cover of the magnetic pulser and removed the battery. I adjusted my hair dryer to medium heat and started to dry the electronic. And then the “Dejavou” happened! The magnetic pulser worked again.
From Atenas, Theodor