Very important therapy for several old age symptoms like:memory and concentration problems and vision issues.

Backpain Treatment  
BIO MEDICI relaxes back muscles and increases blood circulation.

Abdominal pain treatment.

Magnetic Pulser applied for migraine, headache and menopause problems.

Wrap the Magnetic Pulser
around your knee.
See the Switch Settings for joint disorders.

Magnetic Pulser - Can it protect against "Dirty Electricity"?

Magnetic Pulser .
relaxing tens shoulder muscels.

No, a magnetic pulser can not deter the radiation, the so-called "dirty electricity”. However, with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser it is possible to achieve a balance to support the bodily functions.
Furthermore, there are other techniques available for discussion. If one lives in the western world, one cannot escape the invisible electric smog and if one tries it, then only at high costs.
Various uncontrolled electromagnetic fields may be dangerous, such as power lines, smart meters, mobile phone towers, high voltage transformers, Wi-Fi, cellular telephone and even the alarm clock or radio close to your bed. These silent attacks to the body are the cause of many health issues and could manifest sooner or later into illnesses.

The production of magnetic pulsers, not comparable with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser, has grown in recent years, since society has discovered the value of non- invasive/natural therapies. Nevertheless, the "copycats" were very active at this occasion, trying to reproduce the Bio Medici magnetic pulser.
They missed the fundamental points of a high-quality magnetic pulser, e.g. the variation of frequencies, necessary for different treatments, as well as the fact, that the bodies delicate cells should not be treated with an extreme high magnetic fields strength.
These "fly-by-night" producers were short-lived, was it the poor performance, the exaggerated sales price or both together?

The Bio Medici magnetic pulser has Dr.Ludwig's true "Know How" implemented. It can stimulate and rejuvenate sick body cells, transforming them to their original healthy condition. Please read about the wide range of applications of the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser.

Dr.Ludwig's experiments, carried out many years ago, made the Bio Medici magnetic pulser an elaborate device, an extended arm of nature. Dr.Ludwig carried out scientific measurements and experimental studies, in an undisturbed environment e.g. in forests, meadows, and open sea, away from cities. A great deal of the knowledge gained from this was the end result for the design of his magnetic pulser. In Dr.Ludwig's numerous publications, many scientific findings were described in detail.

There are possibilities avoiding harmful environmental pollution. Have you ever experienced the feeling in a house during a total power outage? Suddenly all sound sources are silenced. A pleasant feeling comes up, you feel like on a peaceful forest, completely free of something, but what is it? The relief of the "electro pollution" of different strengths and frequencies is affecting us, it is directly facilitating!

Even though so beautifully tranquil, a person does not wish for a power failure. The Bio Medici magnetic pulser can also mimic a balanced environment. Many users are treating sleep disorders, by placing the device with switch setting 1 or 2 under the pillow or on the solar plexus, and they report having slept like a baby! 

In Germany, it has long been a quest shielding the penetration of harmful environmental "electro pollution" into apartments and houses. Interested people can learn all about ‘shielding against the penetration of harmful "harmful dirty electricity" in order to obtain the necessary knowledge that allows the retrofitting of their homes or houses.
An interesting material is already successfully used for new buildings. It is ‘limestone’ to which the natural mineral magnetite (Fe3O4) is added. This new technology enables shielding of the electromagnetic pollution up to 99.99%. At the same time, the sound and noise protection of walls are also significantly improved.