Very important therapy for old age symptoms like:memory and concentration problems and vision issues.

Backpain Treatment  
BIO MEDICI relaxes back muscles and increases blood circulation.

Abdominal pain treatment.

Magnetic Pulser applied for migraine, headache and menopause problems.

Wrap the Magnetic Pulser
around your knee.
See Switch Settings for joint disorders.

Magnetic Pulser BIO MEDICI - There is NO Comparison!

Magnetic Pulser .
relaxing tens shoulder muscels.

It is really not surprising how the small magnetic pulser BIO MEDICI has progressed and improved its market position due to the success in treatment. The technology of the magnetic pulser has been tried to be copied, however it failed.
The life span of these "copy cats" was very short-lived, they disappeared very quickly.

The BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser is truly a useful effective therapy unit, appreciated by thousands of users around the world. Satisfied users have sent testimonials, with often unbelievable treatment success, sometimes however, condemned as exaggerated or even fake. Stubborn cynics were surprised when the BIO MEDICI helped them, whereas they assumed it would not.

Especially in the last 10 years, competitors who have recognized the future of magnetic pulser devices have developed ways of manufacturing such units.
In these efforts important criteria were often ignored, e.g. the need for a wide range of impulse settings as offered by the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. Also, some manufacturers are of the opinion that extremely high magnetic fields are necessary to achieve a successful treatment. In doing so, it is completely ignored that the human as well as the animal body consists of cells and a very delicate network of nerves, which should be treated with caution.

Dr.Ludwig's magnetic pulser design does not imply high magnetic field strength , his scientific findings showed that this could lead to health problems in the long term. The "delicate" electromagnetic functions of our body should not be "bombarded" with extreme high magnetic fields. Bio-photons are managing all life processes. With this in mind, he studied the importance of the electromagnetic fields (Schumann frequency, geomagnetic frequency, solar frequency) from our environment that are influencing the nervous system.
Dr. Ludwig's goal was to create a magnetic pulser emitting electromagnetic pulses that could be understood by nature, ultimately producing a positive reaction with health benefits.

To what extent can the magnetic pulser be useful to the customer?
This question cannot be answered in one sentence, because there are many variants of diseases, often masking one or the other symptom which is the root cause of the health problem.

Then there are also symptoms which cannot be attributed to a specific illness. A striking example of this is the Lyme disease , in which the symptoms such as headache, fever, dizziness, vomiting, and fatigue tend to be associated with flu.

In a CBC radio show from Aug. 10, 2017 this topic was discussed in more detail with the following result: In case of doubt, whether flu or tick disease, a blood test under the microscope should make the tick virus visible.
It is therefore always necessary to have a diagnosis carried out by a health professional. In this way a targeted additional treatment with the magnetic pulser can take place, which then also has a chance to be successful.

The exceptional case from Malaysia is one of the examples in which the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser immediately reduced the pain, already after first use.
All settings with the magnetic pulser can be tried without side effects in order to find out the optimal setting.

You can find the desired adjustment from the alphabetical table, sorted by symptoms, and select the switch settings that are suggested.

Listen to the Bio Medici magnetic pulser heart! Switch on different switch settings and hold the magnetic pulser close to your ear. You will hear it ticking in the rhythm you have adjusted on the switches. You can also amplify the heartbeat on your radio if you adjust your radio in-between the stations. Now you will hear the Bio Medici pulse rhythm.
When the magnetic pulser is used at bedtime and being placed under the pillow, on switch 1+8 (1Hz) which is the Delta state of the brainwaves during sleep, this switch adjustment of 1 Hz encourages calm and restful sleep, even sleeping through the night, especially in the case of insomnia.
If you are suffering from cold feet or pain in your feet caused by circulatory problems or varicose veins, it is recommended to slip the Bio Medici magnetic pulser into a soft sock and place it on the sole of your foot. In this case you switch on switches 2+7+8. If there is an inflammation present use only switch setting 2+8.
During sleep a magnetic field therapy can be very powerful. The body is relaxed and absorbs the Bio Medici magnetic pulses more intensely.
Whatever ailment you are treating, adjust the Bio Medici according to the health issue/symptom you want to treat (see Switch Settings), with the carrying tube or use the carrying pouch close to, or on the application point to be treated. The carrying tube is unique, it is a very important part of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser, it holds the device in place. The carrying tube is a very important accessory of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser to obtain the full treatment, it can be applied for hours in some cases.

Carrying Pouch used for Solar Plexus Treatment

Insert the Magnetic Pulser
in Carrying Tube for
different applications