Magnetic Pulser BIO MEDICI versus TENS

Can the excitement over TENS be justified?

In search of an effective and practical electronic treatment device, you have already wondered what the difference between a magnetic pulser and a TENS device is. This question is easy to answer: A magnetic pulser sends its magnetic impulses deep into the tissue, including the internal organs and bones.

Remember: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a completely different therapy, compared to the TENS, which is only electro therapy!

In contrast to a magnetic pulser, a TENS device (Tanscoutanious Electrical Nerve Stimulation) sends electrical impulses to the skin surface, to stimulate the sensory nerves with the goal to turn on the body's own relief mechanism.

Advantages and disadvantages of a TENS device compared to the Bio Medici magnetic pulser:

Disadvantages TENS
The electricity transfer from the TENS device to the skin happens with electrical wires and pads.
Even the preparations for a TENS therapy is labor-intensive, with all the electrical wires and pads to be adhered to the skin surface. And most important: How will you attach the pads at the back without help from others? How will you manage the TENS application while on the go or travelling?
Besides, men have to cope with a painful epilation of the chest hair, when removing the pads.

More TENS disadvantages
One of the most common complaints is allergic skin irritations due to the material of the electrodes with the conductive gel or the tape employed, to hold the electrodes in place.
Pads often have to be cleaned or renewed so that they do not cause skin irrigation, ensure a complete current conductivity and adhere better to the skin. It is wise, always to have two packs of electrodes and new batteries in reserve, which is the average monthly investment of TENS accessories.
Advantage magnetic pulser:
No pads and electrodes needed- no ongoing expenses. The 9-V battery lasts on average of 1 year or longer, depending on usage time. The carrying tube of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser can be attached above the area to be treated. The carrying pouch can be used for a general body treatment above the solar plexus.
Disadvantage TENS:
Since an appropriate frequency/electric-current setting for symptoms is not established for TENS devices, health professionals use a general setting for the majority of people, with the expectancy to achieve an effective treatment.
In order to achieve some pain relief, health providers as well as private users adjust the TENS device to a high level setting, which can result in pain during a treatment. For sensitive patients the full duration of a TENS treatment is often avoided. 

Advantage BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser
The therapy with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser is pain free, particularly easy to use and effective. A treatment can be done immediately without major preparation. See the Switch Settings from a Hospital in Germany. The magnetic pulser can be worn underneath or above the clothing, by means of a carrying tube or a carrying pouch. The pulsating magnetic wave, emitted by the magnetic pulser, penetrates clothing.

The BIO MEDICI works with biological impulses as they occur in nature. Consult the Switch Settings for the magnetic pulser.
Disadvantage TENS: Not to be used in the head or eye area.
Advantage magnetic pulser: can be used in the head, neck or eye area, see headache or sleep disorders.