Q: What is the recent background about the "pulsed magnetic field therapy" or "pulsed magnetic therapy"?
A: In the 50's the German Health System supported the use of Magnetic Pulser for a variety of health complaints. In fact, devices were lent to patients for 'self help treatment' at home. The method was very helpful for patients and not expensive for the Health Care System. But soon new pharmaceutical products flooded the German market displacing and overpowering the previous proven therapies.
Thirty years ago a group of scientists and physicians in Germany remembered the enormous benefits Pulsed Magnetic Therapy offered. They carried out experiments and case studies as well as double blind tests leading to a new generation of Magnetic Pulser and a lot of literature about the great benefits of this therapy. See also the libary Pub Med, a service of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health (USA).
1984 the first handheld battery operated Magnetic Pulser was introduced.
Since that time, thousand of users as well as health professionals are appreciating the little Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser from Canada stating it became an alternative treatment, and a reliable form of self-care".

Q: What is Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy?
A: It is an alternative medical treatment which can even be used to treat serious illnesses with sometimes unbelievable therapeutic success, has been proven in international medical research studies. It is referred as a biological treatment method. However, that is a generalization. Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy is actually based on physical principles. It obeys physical laws, which trigger biochemical processes in living organisms (humans, animals and plants), and these processes in turn exert an effect on the healing process.

Q: Does the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser has any side effects?
A: No, unlikely in the case of chemical products, this therapy, which is in harmony with nature and with human and animal organisms, does not produce any harmful side effects. That is the reason why the therapy is also described as a gentle aid in treating many health problems

Q: If medication and drugs, whether chemical or natural products, have to be taken, is that compatible with simultaneously treating oneself with a magnetic pulser?
A: What you have described is referred to as combination therapy. Many doctors and therapists no longer reject such a combination of treatments. It has repeatedly been found that drugs are more effective when taken during a course of pulsed magnetic therapy. This was very impressively shown to be true when pain-killing tablets were taken in combination with pulsed magnetic therapy.
Whereas previously a patient had to take 2 or 3 tablets, just one tablet was sufficient during the combination therapy. This means that it was possible to reduce the dose or to achieve a more rapid and intensive effect with the same dose. However, it was also found that, no matter in what form they were taken, the effectiveness of naturopathic medications was enormously increased - up to 50% according to research reports. In case of chemical drugs, harmful substances are more rapidly excreted from the body. This in turn has the advantage of lowering the chemical stress on the body and harmful side effects can be reduced. The combined therapy in particular therefore could offer major benefits to sufferers.

Q: What is the fundamental principle behind the Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy of the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser?
A: The principle is to apply the appropriate stimulation, therefore helping the body to heal itself. It is not just the symptoms, such as pain and other health complaints, but the very source of these problems, the illness itself that could be alleviated or eliminated by this therapy. The biomagnetic pulses activate the cellular metabolism; at the same time, the cells are supplied with more oxygen. This in turn is necessary to achieve improved blood flow throughout the entire body and the organism is supplied with more energy, so that the self-healing forces of the body are stimulated and the body's own biological signals are reinforced. The immune system is activated and strengthened. In this way, the psyche, spirit and body of the person can all be simultaneously regenerated and/or rejuvenated.

Q: What is the principle of an effective Magnetic Pulser?
A: When treatment is applied using the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser, quite specifically and positively stimulating biomagnetic pulses are used - a broad frequency spectrum of pulses with corresponding harmonic waves.

Q: Should the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser also be used when there is no pain, complaints or an illness?
A: As the old saying goes “prevention is better than a cure”. Magnetic therapy is especially valuable and its use is highly recommended, especially for preventative purposes. It has long been shown by scientific studies that when the body is treated with magnetic pulses, the body functions are improved and as a result the organism is normalized, regenerated and rejuvenated. The immune system is also adequately stimulated and enhanced. Therefore, and especially for this reason, you should use the Bio Medici therapy as a preventative treatment method, because one should take action in preventing health problems by strengthening the immune system. But even when critical health situations suddenly arise, you will find that this small investment by owning a Bio Medici magnetic pulser may be an indespensable treatment device you can own.

Q: What was needed to produce such an impressive therapeutic device like the Bio Medici?
A: New technologies, years of scientific study and research using large stationary magnetic field therapy devices in clinics and hospitals made it possible in the mid-eighties for a well-known scientist, who had also worked for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), to play a leading role in developing the first and most up-to-date mini-device anywhere in the world- this device was the forerunner of the Bio Medici available today. The first Bio Medici models were marketed 1984 in North America. Years of testing passed, which led to improvements and further development of the device. Today, the modern Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser is a full-fledged therapeutic device that meets all the necessary requirements for successful self-treatments.

Q: What are the main advantages of the magnetic pulser Bio Medici?
A: Imagine a small treatment device which can do all the following:

Eliminate pain
Eliminate insomnia
Provide relief in the case of chronic joint diseases such a arthritis, rheumatism, and osteoporosis and even stop and/or slow down the disease process
Cure inflammation
Alleviate neurological diseases by stimulating the self-healing and regenerative forces of the body
Provides a rejuvenating effect
Support and strengthen the immune system
Successfully treats over 60 various health ailments

At this point, it must be emphasized, that this therapy with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser should also be used for preventative purposes e.g. strengthening the immune system toward disease. A combined treatment is also possible, with prescription drugs or homeopathic methods. The effect is enhanced when combined with pulsed magnetic therapy.

Q: The possibilities of the Bio Medici therapy and the success achieved with it "sounds too good to be true”. Perhaps they are futuristic visions of a new treatment method developed by Dr.McCoy on the “Star Ship Enterprise”?
A: That's where you are wrong, because the future has already begun. It is not surprising therefore if this therapy is often wrongly described and its possibilities are underestimated and misunderstood. Most people are skeptical about this therapy. But in most cases they quickly learn to appreciate its effects. Occasionally, peoples opinions expressed by “prejudiced assumations”. They assume that it is necessary to believe in pulsed magnetic therapy for it to have an effect. This is naturally not the case, years of testing with positive results is NOT a placebo effect! If you undergo this therapy, you can be freed of your pain or suffering, whether you believe it or not.

Q:  How long does it take pulsed magnetic therapy to work?
A: The application of treatment time varies. At the start of the therapy it is important to apply the treatment as often as possible at hourly intervals. Sometimes the treatment is successful after just a few minutes or after a few days, but it can sometimes take weeks to have an effect. Take a moment to think of how long have you been dealing with your health problem(s)?

Q:Why has my doctor so far not offered me this treatment?
A: Unfortunately, most health professionals have knowledge that 'scratches only the surface'. It is therefore not surprising if this therapy is wrongly judged and its potential is underestimated, due to the fact of lack of education. Doctors regard it as an alternative treatment method. That is one of the reasons why it is not recommended. But also, the bureaucracy surrounding health care in the industrialized countries of the western world makes things difficult that is not produced by the powerful pharmaceutical industry.
Modern magnetic pulsed therapy has nothing in common with so-called “magnets”; It is not  hocus-pocus, a placebo or something esoteric, and neither does it involve any “laying on of hands” (mesmerism).

Q: I would certainly have acquired the Bio Medici years ago. Why have I not heard about the existence of this home treatment device until now?
A: As with any new therapy, time tells the truth. As a result, more and more therapists, chiropractors, biomedical experts, doctors, scientists and naturopaths are nowadays taking a closer look and are using this therapy, reporting on its hitherto unexpected therapeutic successes and potential. Nevertheless, the therapy has always been somewhat difficult for people in general to access and, in particular as far as good home treatment devices are concerned, it has never been widely publisized. Only relatively few patients were able to enjoy this type of therapy by undergoing treatment in special health clinics and therapy centers.

Q: Where can I obtain more information and read more about the subject and the device?
A: In the following, you can read a selection taken from a large number of the latest and most interesting reports obtained from users of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. They will also show you how much suffering many of these users had to endure before they discovered the Bio Medici. Although a large number of international medical and scientific studies have already been published on the success of pulsed magnetic therapy, new knowledge, is being added each year. You may already have read about the incredible successes that have been achieved, especially in treating chronic and hopeless cases - these have sometimes been the subjects of headlines in newspapers. At any rate, in the field of naturopathy and homeopathy, this therapy is referred to as a universal treatment method and is used as such.

Magnetic Pulser BIO MEDICI Questions and Answers