After receiving the Bio Medici magnetic pulser devices, which I ordered, I have been testing them out for the last few weeks on a medical and scientific basis. Here is my first short report on the subject:

The devices do indeed provide relief, as described in the accompanying literature - they are particularly helpful in treating pain, rheumatoid complaints, muscle tension, including muscle overstressed by sports activity.
I also noticed that, in most cases, applying the Bio Medici directly to the solar plexus, the sacrum and the upper and lower extremities is particularly effective.
In the case of complaints affecting the region of the head and the upper body (including shoulders and arms), a combination of application points should be used, starting for example with the solar plexus, followed by treatment to the lower part of the nape of the neck. The success achieved in this way is very satisfactory.

After carrying out treatment for the least 20 minutes, many of the symptoms cleared up completely. It is true to say that the condition of most of the patients was very much improved and they reported that they felt in some way “refreshed”.

Using sequences of different switch settings, good success was achieved after shorter periods of treatment.

The Bio Medici thus offers excellent opportunities not only for relieving pain but also for achieving lasting freedom from pain.

The device can be highly recommended for use not only by ordinary people who engage in sports, but also by professional sportsmen and athletes.

For example, at a setting of switch 7 and above, it was found that the entire body was invigorated and strengthened, and in some people this created a kind of” high”, or they felt “sure of success”, more confident and charged with energy. There is no doubt that the treatment has a positive psychosomatic influence.

After ten minutes of this treatment on the sacrum and a further ten minutes on the solar plexus, I detected an elevated adrenaline level in myself and in my patients; we are also hyper-alert and cheerful.

Summarizing, I can say already, that the Bio Medici is a very impressive therapeutic device and by far the best that I have tested .

I will let you have further test result and reports in the next months.
Yours truly,
O. Alexi  M.D.

Magnetic Pulser Report From Dr.O. Alexis MD