As you know, I have been suffering from tinnitus ringing for a long, long time! This goes together with an almost continuous and terrible pounding and sometimes ringing in my head, and also with hot flashes sweating, (which have improved lately). I have lost 95% of my hearing. I must also tell you that I had terrible varicose veins pain, which hurt dreadfully and around my ankle the veins were very dark in coloured and the area itched as if it was full of ants. In several places the veins were as thick as large grapes or nodules; altogether, I counted 16 veins like this on my right foot. I visited the doctor once to see what he could do and he told me I should wear a rubber hose. That hurts even more, I told him - he just looked at me wide - eyed. Now, I want to tell you everything that has happened in just 5 days since I started the treatment. When I had tried out the little Magnetic Pulser on the first day, I had the first good and peaceful night's sleep in I don't know how long.
The next day - around midday - I put the Magnetic Pulser in its pouch under my nylon stockings and pulled another stocking over it. I also went to bed in the evening wearing the Bio Medici like this.
Suddenly, at about 4 o'clock in the morning, I woke up feeling a strong tingling sensation in my leg.

What was going on? As usual, I took out my apple vinegar cream, removed the stockings, and started to massage my legs. As I was doing things, I noticed that there were only five large, grape-sized varicose veins left instead of sixteen! And the itching was very much reduced. I can only say that a miracle has happened! Thank the Lord!
Next evening, I held the Magnetic Pulser against my neck and this reduced the hot flashes. As I was sitting there, I also noticed that the pounding in my head was growing quieter and quieter and I am now almost unaware of it. I had been wearing the Magnetic Pulser since midday. The rest of the varicose veins have become smoother and the painful spot on the skin has also healed up. I must also mention that last night I slept undisturbed from 11 P.M. through to 10 A.M.! A miracle, for which I thank our dear Lord and also the Magnetic Pulser.

Today was the fifth day of treatment and I spent another good night. I was totally astonished when I looked at my leg in the morning! I no longer have any pain and the leg is smooth. The blue colour of the varicose veins is fading away and there is no longer any tingling and itching. I am pleasantly excited by the outcome.
Quite honestly, I was afraid that I would lose my leg - like an acquaintance of mine who has spent months in hospital with a similar problem.
I don't know how I can thank you. I can only say: God bless you!
All the very best,
C. Graber

Magnetic Pulser Clients Testimonials 1

Dear Professor,

I never before experienced such a pain  relief .
I purchased a Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser that arrived 2 weeks ago in Malaysia and I must say after 2 weeks I am off [
Celebrex] .
I suffer from a biomechanical problem- my left leg is shorter than my right by 8 cm- due to fracture of the neck of the left hip joint 23 years ago. I have suffered from pain in the left hip and worn out knee joint and cartilage, worn out C6 and C7 and severe cartilage loss in one thoracic spine discs- my orthopedist recommends surgery immediately. My spinal cord discs are worn out so that they are pinching the nerves and blood vessels, causing me pain, numbness symptoms and headaches on a daily basis.
I knew about Pulsed Magnetic Therapy like the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser from reading Becker's books but all the other devices I found on the Internet are sold at high prices, which I really cannot afford. I was at first reluctant to buy the Bio Medici although it was really not expensive but eventually decided to buy one. This was my best decision I ever made!

I have to say the results after only one week of use are really something indescribable; someone can say that the therapy success with the Bio Medici is unbelievable.

This I have never experienced before even with the most expensive painkillers around- and I DO know about pain killers- because I have used just about all on the market.

I guess you have heard it all before. It works in stopping pain, that I know for sure!

Thanks and Regards,
Justin, Malaysia

I am one of those fortunate souls whose body has always been relatively pain-free. However, it disturbs me to see others in pain, especially when it's someone close to me, which is the case with my girlfriend, Lyse.
Lyse is a wonderful person who is professionally dedicated to helping others overcome physical and emotional pain. Ironically, she herself suffers from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Since the age of four she has lived with this painful, crippling condition in her knees. Instead of spending her time on the playground with other children, she was spending her time in hospitals and doctor's offices. Lyse was treated by no less than twelve different rheumatologists- all doing their best to alleviate a very difficult problem. She was given just about every treatment available, including draining her knees of fluid, cortisone injections, gold dust, surgery, etc. Many of these approaches helped her, but in a limited way and often with nasty side effects, such as eczema.
For a number of years her chronic rheumatoid arthritis went into remission and she was able to earn a blue belt in karate and lead a normal life. Last spring it hit again, and hit hard. Both knees became severely inflamed, swelling to nearly twice their normal size. The pain was excruciating, especially in the morning or after a long day of work. Sometimes the agony would be so intense that I would wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of her sobbing. A vigorous leg massage would give some relief, enough for her to be able to get back to sleep.
Often, when walking, she would have to hold my arm. Watching her walking on the street was like seeing a crippled old woman. Frequently, she would suddenly double up with a stabbing pain in her knees, a feeling that bones were breaking inside. So much for our Sunday afternoon walks! Very depressing. Lyse endured this for five months, and then I met Frederica.
Frederica and her husband Alex are a German couple. They brought with them from Germany a remarkable technology called «Magnetic Field Therapy».
*I learnt that this approach to reducing pain and alleviating symptoms is widely used and respected in that country. Many German hospital and clinics swear by it, using it to help their patients deal with a wide variety of painful conditions, such as migraine,
phantom limb pain , insomnia, fractures , digestion problems, asthma and poor circulation.

I decided to make an investment and bought a Magnetic Pulser for Lyse.
From my point of view, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within three days the swelling and inflammation were down by 50% and the pain was reduced by about 90%. That was six months ago. Since then, after sleeping with the device by her knees every night, the swelling is almost gone and the pain has largely eliminated. Lyse still has days where her legs are swollen and sore below the knees, but a good massage and rest usually takes care of that. We find it flares up during a period of high stress. There are no more attacks of stabbing pain when she walks and she has regained most of her flexibility. Soon she will be starting aerobic classes and possibly even karate.
My understanding of the science behind Magnetic Therapy is limited. I'm just happy that it has worked so well in Lyse's case.

Duart McLean