Hello Friends
I call you friends because I am so happy that I have found you on the Internet, after I wrote in the word "BIO MEDICI".

I was looking for a place where my friend could buy one, since the couple who where distributors in the Toronto area gave up selling them.
Just tonight I send them an email, hoping they would tell me where I could still find the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. I wouldn't give up mine for ANY price, because it keeps me free of pain.

My experience with it goes back to 1998,when I had to lift my 77-year-old husband several times a day into his wheelchair and when I had to change his diapers, he was totally helpless. My back was just killing me, I am just a 5' tall, 160 lb woman. I had a "pinched nerve in the leg" or "sciatica nerve pinch"? Anyway, everyday it got injured more; I had no time to worry about myself.

By chance, I read about the magnetic pulser in my German newspaper from Chicago.
I ordered it right away and put all the switches on. Like a miracle, it started to ease my pains after a few hours and cured me in a few days. I kept it on day and night.
In time I got rid of all arthritis inflamation, shoulder pain, knee pain and stiffnes, pains in my leg.
I bought eleven magnetic pulser or more, for my family and friends.

On a trip to Germany in 2000, I could hardly move at all in my cramped seat on the plane. When I got off the plane, I felt strong pain in my legs, especially on the inside of my left knee. I found out, I had a small blood clot, which caused terrible pain. I put thrombosis cream and other things on my knee, nothing helped. Although I brought my Bio Medici magnetic pulser with me, I was afraid to put it on. I was afraid, the blood clot would dissolve and I would end up with a stroke or heart attack.
After three weeks of pain, I didn't care anymore, so at bedtime I tied the lower magnetic pulser around my knee, slept the whole night through.
The morning all my pain had disappeared, -and I didn't get a stroke or heart attack.
My sisters and brothers were so surprised.

My oldest sister, who was suffering from lower backache for years and had a hard time sleeping because of heart trouble, finally took out the Bio Medici magnetic pulser that I had send and tucked in her panties. Twice it fell into the Toilette, but kept on working.
After she cured her chronic back ache, she started putting it on her heart, to ease her sleeping. She still does it to this day. She feels, if she would not have the magnetic pulser, she would already be dead.
She is the only one of my sisters and brothers who uses the magnetic pulser and has no more pain; the others don't believe in it and suffer in pain. Well, like the saying goes "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

I also put the mangetic pulser on my husband's heart; -he has signs of heart problems and warning signs of diabetes. He told me, he felt relief with his breathing problems when he wore the Bio Medici.

Can you blame me that I would never give up my Bio Medici?
Although my Doctor doesn't believe it works, I know better.

Sorry, I made this a long email, but I just wanted you to know how it has helped me.
Now I can tell my friend about it where she can buy it, when I meet her for lunch Monday.

Another friend from Oakville suffers from terrible back pain, even though he received acupuncture in January. I want to tell him about the Bio Medici magnetic pulser.
I hope the cause of his pain is not something serious, like in the case of my brother-in-law; he had bladder cancers and lived only for seven months after he was diagnosed.

A happy Elise H.

Magnetic Pulser Clients Testimonials 2

Two years ago I suffered a serious skiing accident. My left cheek bone was broken, or rather splintered. From this point on, my life meant constant pain. So intense was the pain, that at times the throbbing and pounding spread over the entire half of my face. My left eye was swollen and I furthermore suffered from sleeping disorders as I could not, even with a very soft pillow, rest on the left side. My consumption of pain relieving medication was accordingly, to the point, that my family became very concerned. Though I had reconstructive surgery and there were no visible scars, my splintered cheek bone continued to torment me, even after several medical after-treatments.

These unfortunate conditions in my life, with its constant discomfort and pain resulted in poor moods and apathy; conditions under which my family and colleagues also suffered for the past two years. I am the General Manager of an industrial designs-firm. A few weeks ago a German colleague, whom I had told of my misfortune, suggested I should try the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. He was convinced its treatment method would alleviate my problem. He supplied me with the address of the company I consequently ordered such a magnetic pulser the same day.
Meanwhile, my colleague lent me his device, which he used at the office from time to time. After I applied the magnetic pulser directly to my left cheekbone, I noticed with disbelieving surprise, that after only 20 minutes a mollifying effect took place. A remarkable reduction of the pain, pressure and tension set in, as if the muscles were relaxing. After another hour the swelling of the eye had subsided. I was absolutely overwhelmed with this successful application.
The next day I received per express post my own unit. I applied it during the night by placing it under the pillow. Again, the effect was astounding. The next morning my cheekbone and the left side of my face were free of pain and felt perfectly normal. As an additional bonus, I had slept soundly.
I now apply the magnetic pulser several times during the day. My problems have disappeared, to the point, that I no longer need any further medication.
It is now two weeks since I first applied the Bio Medici and I can say that once more life is enjoyable. I am very grateful to have had the possibility to come by this amazing instrument.
Once more, many thanks,
Thank you,
Horst Mascheder