How the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser can transfer the beneficial therapy effects of homeopathic medicine into human cells

A very beneficial and interesting treatment application opens to users of homeopathic products. While homeopathic medicine can be ingested in liquid or solid form it can also be transferred via the Bio Medici magnetic pulser.

How it works:
We know that electromagnetic waves are capable of receiving and transporting information. This principle is applied in radio and television, in which a carrier wave is modulated, whereby images and sounds are transferred.
The same is true for the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. Electromagnetic sinus waves, as they are emitted by the magnetic pulser are capable to absorb the information from the homeopathic medicine and transferring that information to aimed body parts.

In practice it works like this: A small glass vial filled with a homeopathic substance-such as granules (if liquid, has to be tightly closed), can be attached with rubber rings to the magnetic pulser, inserted in its carrying tube or pouch and applied over the place to be treated.
For a whole body treatment (as indicated in the Switch Settings) with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser, the user can attach the magnetic pulser together with a vial in his carrying pouch with the neck band, over the solar plexus.
Now the magnetic pulser fulfills a dual action in information, the Bio Medici pulsed magnetic therapy AND the homeopathic addition, to be transmitted simultaneously.
The homeopathic substance for the vial can be in liquid or solid form, a very small quantity is sufficient.

For a special treatment you can use the Bio Medici carrying tube, adding one or more vials to the backside of the Bio Medici housing.
For a special solar plex treatment you can use the Bio Medici carrying pouch, adding one or more vials to the backside of the Bio Medici housing.
If one or more vials are replaced frequently, it is better to place them on the outside of the carrying tube (housing rear side)

Carrying pouch used for Solar Plexus Treatment

Inserting the Magnetic Pulser
in Carrying Tube for
different applications