Very important therapy for old age symptoms like:memory and concentration problems and vision issues.

Backpain Treatment  
BIO MEDICI relaxes back muscles and increases blood circulation.

Abdominal pain treatment.

Magnetic Pulser applied for migraine, headache and menopause problems.

Wrap the Magnetic Pulser
around your knee.
See the Switch settings for joint disorders.

Magnetic Pulser treatments in German Clinics

Magnetic Pulser .
relaxing tens shoulder muscels.

In Germany, the use of magnetic pulser is an important part of alternative treatment therapy. In courses, specialists will be trained for stationary magnetic pulser devices, which then act as self-employed entrepreneurs to meet the growing demand of this treatment.
Stationary magnetic pulser must be certified by the TUV to ensure the safe use of these devices. Unfortunately, these treatment sessions in clinics are expensive, especially in the long term.

In contrast, the small magnetic pulser Bio Medici, originally designed by Dr.Ludwig, is very affordable and economic.

Magnetic Pulser Carrying Pouch used for Solar Plexus Treatment

Insert the Magnetic Pulser
in Carrying Tube for
different applications

Sophisticated stationary magnetic pulser for therapists cost several thousand Euros.These magnetic pulser can produce different types of waveforms, adjustable frequencies of 1-1000 Hz, with strength modification of magnetic fields.

Compared with North American insurers, German insurance companies are more inclined to pay for the purchase or rent of magnetic pulser, since they have been familiar with the therapy subject for years.

There are a view pocket sized magnetic pulser designs. However, they cannot be compared with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser and they do not have accessories. The necessary two accessories, carrying tube and carrying pouch are an important part of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser, making the usage and application of the device much easier and practical.